Feb 14

Email Marketing – 1

Keeping CustomersThis is one of the most popular forms of marketing today and is a very good way to stay in touch with your local customers. Nearly everyone uses email, so this is a simple way to remain connected with consumers.
Building a relationship with your customers via email allows you to keep them up to date on your company, your products, and your services.
Most distributors these days have already come up with an email database of their customers. However, many of them are not doing anything with those email addresses – so they’re just sitting on their hard drive or in an old notebook collecting dust.
With email marketing, you’ll be able to reach people in the comfort of their own home – or wherever they may be in the world. In other words, you can keep your business in the forefront of their minds when they need your type of product or service.
Email is a great tool for relationship-building with your customers because you have the ability to personalize your communication – creating trust and credibility.
Your responses will be delivered instantly and the emails are traceable so it’s easy to track how well your campaigns are working for you.
So, before we look at what you will say in your emails, here is a small action plan.
1) You will want the email to be personal and recognisable as coming from you. The best way to do this is to have a domain name which is your own name. EG If your name “Freda Smith” you would try to get the domain “FredaSmith.com”. You can then set up email from, say, admin@fredasmith.com or offers@fredasmith.com
2) If you don’t have your customer’s email address already, you can contact them and ask for their best email. Tell them that you are starting a regular email newsletter to keep them up-to-date. Even if you do have their email it is a good ‘excuse’ to ring them and make sure that the address you have is still current.
3) Set up an email group or database so that you can email everyone at one go. If you want a free way of doing this you can set up a group in gmail (googlemail).


Feb 05

Keep Customers Coming Back

Keeping Customers20 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty and Retention
One of the most common mistakes that network marketers make is to spend a lot of energy trying to get “new” customers; while ignoring retention efforts to keep their “existing” customers coming back.
In other words, they allocate most of their budget and time towards getting new customers, but hardly invest anything in keeping their existing customers spending more money with them.
A successful business is not about who gains the most new customers; it’s about who gains the most PROFITS in the end. A true “loyal” customer is cultivated over time; not one who makes a couple of purchases and they’re gone.
Marketers who only focus on attracting new customers usually find out the hard way that many of their customers won’t stick around for the long-haul.
Therefore, instead of looking for a million of ways to attract “new” customers, we should put more effort into keeping and upgrading our existing customers.
What is customer retention?
Simply put, this is the act of applying effective strategies and techniques that prompt our existing customers to use our company whenever they are in need of our type of products or services in the future; turning them into long-term, loyal customers.
Of course, customer loyalty heavily depends on how good (or bad) your products are – as well as how good (or bad) your customer service is. However, without solid processes that actively keep your existing customers coming back, even the best products and best customer service won’t keep your business afloat on their own.
A loyal customer can be further described as:
• Someone who makes regular purchases from you
• Someone who purchases multiple products and services from you
• Someone who refers others to you
• Someone who ignores the competition
Loyal customers are hard to come by; so HOW do you make it happen?
Ways You Can Build Customer Loyalty and Retention
You may be wondering “how” you can build stronger customer loyalty.
Once a week for the next several weeks I am going to quickly review some procedures you can implement into your marketing mix that will help keep your existing customers coming back to do business with you.
Not only that, but you will learn some ways to “keep” them in a long-lasting relationship with you – ultimately leading to a boost in your bottom line.
Every Network Marketer should make a serious effort to devote adequate time and part of their budget to the area of “customer loyalty” if they want the best ROI.
Don’t know where to start?
Digital technology – such as mobile phones and computers – makes building customer loyalty easier than ever before. In my next post on this topic I will look at the first of 20 processes and practices that can help you to keep in touch, build relationships and get more repeat sales. Watch out for it!

Jan 20

Long Term Success

(michelle) / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Success in MLM comes from deciding that you are committed to the process; knowing your reason why; developing your story to share with others and then doing a few things consistently, over and over again.

1.      Make a commitment – nothing ever really happens without the commitment first. When you lack commitment, you also lack focus and drive. It’s easy to put off until tomorrow what you can do today, right. Make a decision right now that you are committed and

2.      Determine your “why.” Part of getting committed really starts with knowing why you are building a business and that is more than just “to earn some extra income” or “fire your boss.” Get much more specific. Dream and set goals. Create a dream board and look at it several times a day. Feel what it will be like when you are living your dream life, whatever that is.

3.      Develop your story. When you can easily share your story in a brief, 2 minute summary about why you started with your company; what you have experienced and what you see ahead for the future,you will find it much easier to talk about your business when people ask what you do. Spend some time writing it down; then practice and memorize so you don’t sound scripted.

4.      Share your story as many times a day as possible. This is all part of contacting, inviting and presenting. Set a goal for a minimum number of people who you will speak to each day about your business.

5.      Work with the willing. Some people will tell you no right away; some people will sign up and then tell you no; and some people will sign up and get busy. Work with the ones who call you; ask for your time and assistance; and demonstrate that they are serious about their own business and success. Don’t make the mistake of trying to
drag others across the finish line.

6.      Never stop growing your business and your front line. Make sure you schedule time in your day every day to continue working on your own sponsoring. This is the life blood of your business. Don’t fall into the trap of managing your team. You are a business owner, as is your team. Don’t be a manager!

That’s pretty much it. How simple can it get?

Aug 30

Do You Need To Be A Salesperson?

I had a message on this blog from someone called Lalita. Sadly she hadn’t entered her email address properly so I cannot respond directly, so I have decided to respond here. (If you are reading this Lalita please send your email address and check it is correct!)

I believe that being a salesperson is not neccessary for network marketers. Indeed it can be a handicap. What do you think of when someone says ‘salesperson’. Slick? Talkative? Persuasive? Pushy?

Network marketers are not like that. Our aim is to make friends first. Then ask permission from our friend to explain our product, service or opportunity. Whether they buy or don’t buy doesn’t matter, they will still be our friend. That attitude will win you a lot of customers and distributors and you will never lose a friend. You will rarely have to deal with rejection.

Remember, curiosity is your friend. Imagine someone you know, suddenly was happier every time that you met. They have more income than before. They have a new circle of friends. But, strangely, you don’t know why they have changed. You can’t figure out why, they are smiling and more confident. Wouldn’t you want to know their secret? Don’t you think that you would say something along these lines? “Mary, every time we have met recently you have been so upbeat and happy, what has happened?” And there you have one of Network Marketing’s great secrets. Curiosity. It is as far away from traditional sales as you could possibly get.

Sep 04

5 Tips for Successful Part-Time Working

5 Tips

5 Tips for MLM

The vast majority of people join a Network Marketing Company whilst still having a full-time job. This is fantastic because any earnings are a genuine bonus but it does mean that time is limited. It is more important than ever to be disciplined so that those few hours are used effectively.

These 5 Tips can be the foundation for a Network Marketing fortune.

1.    I have always found that Sunday evening is the best time to plan for the week ahead. Sit down with your diary/planner and block out ‘work time’, ‘family time’ ‘recreation time’ and ‘MLM time’. Make the decision in advance and it becomes much easier to work consistently.
If someone asks you to do something during one of your planned MLM sessions you can honestly say “No, sorry, I’ve already got something else in my diary”.

2.    Your MLM TIME must only be devoted to one of three things:
o    Prospecting
o    Presenting your business
o    Following up
That’s it. Everything else should be assigned to the nooks and crannies of your day.

3.    It is essential to have a simple duplicatable system; one which uses the tools provided by your company to work through your contact list is best. Use it yourself and teach it to your team.

4.    Let your family and friends know that MLM TIME is important to you. You are building your family’s financial security and one of the results will be having more time to spend with them and all your friends in the future.

5.    Your presentation is the key to sales success. So develop 2 simple 10 minute presentations. One which explains your product or service and another which simply explains your compensation plan. Don’t go into huge detail. You just want to be able to show someone how they can earn a worthwhile amount of money.

There you have it. These are the basics of a successful part-time business. Please don’t make the mistake of keeping this simple plan to yourself. Teaching it to your team will multiply your success.

Jul 21

List Building basics

Probably the first thing that people are asked to do when they join a Network Marketing Company and the LAST thing that they actually get down to doing is to build a list.

In fact if you don’t do it with them, many people will not do it at all. Yet we all know that it is essential to initial success. I bet that somewhere you have a prompter list which suggests categories of people who should go on the list. Now I’m not suggesting that you ditch this prompt but there is a much better way to start. Just get your new distributor to take out their mobile phone. Ask them to go into their contact list and call out the names and numbers as you write them down! You can do a bit of ‘fact finding’ as you write down the names. “How do you know this person?” “What do they do for a living?” “Have they got an outgoing personality and do they know lots of people?” It won’t be long before you have an excellent list of people for them to contact.

After you have exhausted the mobile contacts you can start on their Facebook Friends and Twitter followers. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

Jun 06

This Is A People Business

I have a very short message for you today because I want you to take positive action and do some

training. If we want more success in our business we need to get much better at dealing with people.

So, set aside an hour. Provide yourself with a pen/pencil, some paper and a drink of your choice.

Shut the door, put your mobile on silent and concentrate on the video which is linked below.

It will pay you dividends over and over again.


May 16

If Not,Why Not? The MLM Secret!

There are no secrets in Network Marketing or MLM. It is an ‘Open Book’. Its just that most of us don’t do what we know we should be doing. Today I have a series of questions for you which might just help you to get your business on the right track. Here goes ……….

Do you have people on your prospect list who you haven’t approached yet? If not, why not?

Have you done all the training that your company provides and have you repeated it on a regular basis? If not, why not?

Do you attend regular Networking meetings to grow your business? If not, why not?

Are you reading a self-development book and listening to self-development audios every day? If not, why not?

If you already have a team, do you have a regular meeting schedule? Do you meet, or at least speak to, your upline on a regular basis? If not, why not?

Do you contact your customers on a regular basis. Do you keep them up to date with Company developments and do you ask for referrals at every meeting? If not, why not?

Are you using every opportunity to advertise your business with every method allowed by your Company? If not, why not?

Do you have a “Dream Board” and a plan on your wall for how you are going to get to the next level of the Compensation plan? If not, why not?

Do you have potential customer and distributor appointments in your diary for next week? If not, why not?

If you are struggling with any of this just go upline until you get the help you require. Failing that, get in touch with me and I will try to help.




May 05

Eddie Rodwell’s MLM-Training.co.uk

I have been involved with the same Network Marketing Company in the UK for over 11 years. This is my attempt to encourage, train, help and inform anyone from any company who loves MLM as much as I do.

This is a fantastic business because anyone with sufficient desire, belief and hard work can achieve their dreams. There are no barriers of education, age or anything else. In my own group there are people of every age and many nationalities. Some are able bodied and some have handicaps but we all have the same opportunity.

I came into this business having had a traditional franchise which failed. The franchisor went bust and many franchisees lost a great deal. I ended up working from home without any savings or pension. The bank had taken back all their loans and I guess we were lucky to keep a roof over our heads.

Fast forward 11 years and the picture has changed completely. I have a genuine residual income which far exceeds the average UK wage. I owe a lot to Network Marketing and it makes me sad when I see people make a half hearted attempt and give up. It makes me mad when I see people who are trying very hard but being given crazy advice by their uplines who should know better.

This journal is my attempt to put something back and provide a resource for everyone who wants genuine advice and information.

I can’t promise to get it right all the time. Nor can I promise to be unbiased – I’m a human being after all! But I can promise to be honest with you. I hope that is enough and I would love you to join me on this fantastic journey.